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Snakehips “Swinger”

New video from the CD “Must Be Present To Win” Available from iTunes and CD Baby.

Boo Ray “Boots and Blue Jeans”

New video from Boo Ray’s upcoming release “Six Weeks in a Motel.”

Marshall Chapman “I Don’t Want Nobody”

New video from the Marshall Chapman CD “Blaze of Glory.”

Snakehips “Without a Care”

Video from the Snakehips release “Turn You On.”

Palmyra Delran “You’re My Brian Jones”

From the CD “You Are What You Absorb” available from CD Baby.

Snakehips “New Day”

New video from Snakehips for “New Day.” From the 2012 CD “Must Be Present To Win” available on iTunes.

Snakehips “Can’t Turn You”

New video from Snakehips for “Can’t Turn You.” From the 2012 CD “Must Be Present To Win” available on iTunes.

P3 Amplifiers “Be Connected”

New video from P3 Amplifiers featuring the P3 Amplifier’s Squarehead 8 watt head and the Maquettes.

New Video from Snakehips: “Tennessee”

New video for the song “Tennessee” from Snakehips. New full length CD to be released in early April 2012.

New Video from Amenities Package

New video from Amenities Package “Out of Phase.” 5 song EP available in February from

An Interview with Tav Falco: The Memphis Years

Interview with Tav Falco by Price Harrison

PH: A Panther Burns performance in the early 80’s was always a multi-media experience:  there was the music, the visual presentation, the films and of course, the beautiful poster art. How conscious was your artistic control of these elements, or was it more of an organic process?

TF: Well, the process was a conscious one, although much of the time organically out of control as it were. As a product of the turbulent 60s, my approach was to do everything at once and to take on the mission proclaimed even earlier by the horn player, Charlie Parker, that the job of the artist is to break down barriers between the arts.

PH: What aspects of the Memphis environment were most influential in your artistic development?

TF: In the early 70s I migrated to Memphis from Arkansas to be a filmmaker. Along with my exposure to visual artists like sculptor, John McIntire, cineaste Carl Orr, photographer William Eggleston, was exposure to the blues artists Furry Lewis, Bukka White, Houston Stackhouse, Van Zula Hunt, Mose Vinson, and rockabilly artists such as Charlie Feathers. Also, there was the deepening influence of rockers Jim Dickinson, Lee Baker, Cordell Jackson plus jazzmen Phineas Newborn, Jr, Hank Crawford, a list of others too numerous to mention. To put it simply, music hung in the air in Memphis like low-hanging magnolia blossoms. You could just reach out and touch it… which is what I tried to do with my camera. Pretty soon there was no separation between what was in front of the camera, and what was going on behind it.

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